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  • How are the ceramics made?
    All the pieces I make are entirely handcrafted in my studio. They are made of stoneware, with the majority being thrown on the potter's wheel or hand-built using clay slabs for non-circular forms. After throwing a piece, it is placed on a shelf called the "drying rack" to allow it to firm up to the "leather-hard" consistency, between soft and bone-dry. It is then turned, meaning flipped on the potter's wheel to refine the foot. Once the shaping is complete, it is hand-decorated while still in the greenware stage to undergo two firings: the first, called "bisque," and the second, after glazing, at 1260°C.
  • How do I care for my ceramics?
    Ceramics are very hardwearing and a special piece, well taken care of, can outlive us. Please avoid using your piece in ovens, and if you can, handwash your piece. They can survive prolonged dishwasher use, however more care is generally taken when handwashing, and it's a less harsh environment for the glaze. All pieces are microwave-safe, except for those with luster (gold paint). Avoid large thermal shocks as much as possible, such as going directly from the fridge to the microwave.
  • How are the ceramics shipped?
    The ceramics are individually wrapped in tissue paper, then in bubble wrap, and finally secured in a cardboard box with plenty of packing peanuts or newspaper. The packaging materials are sourced from local businesses to minimize the purchase of new packaging supplies and reduce the carbon footprint of the package. If they are not second-hand, they do not contain plastic be completely recyclable and/or compostable. I do not provide gift wrapping because the main priority for me is that your pieces arrive intact. Therefore, I focus on creating sturdy packages rather than aesthetic ones.
  • What should I do if my piece is broken when I open my parcel?
    I do my best to package your pieces as securely as possible, but if you receive a broken piece, please don't hesitate to send me a message within 14 days of receiving it, and I will proceed with a refund if it's a unique piece or send a replacement if it's from a small series, if available. Each piece is handmade and, as a result, unique. Any possible imperfections are always mentioned in the product description. No refunds or returns will be processed except in the case of breakage or an error in the product sent.
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